Writing, reading and experimenting

I’m hoping to go back to school this fall. I’m going to try to write something on a daily basis to get used to writing again in a cohesive and hopefully coherent manner.

My current job does not lead to writing. I’ve been trying to write fanfic, but only one person has seen any of my work. So I don’t know if it is crap or not. I’m not brave enough to put it out there yet.

When I was a supervisor, I wrote as a professional; memos, emails and checklists daily if not weekly. Trying to get my point across to people who barely saw me due to my shift which was graveyard. But has been almost 3 years, so I need to get back into the habit of writing again.

Figuring out what to write about is a big question. It will probably be about what I am reading. Recs for books and authors, maybe pet peeves of things that drive me nuts while reading.

Maybe I’ll write about exploring the local area with pictures.  It is a possible topic.  I don’t know yet. :-/

My reading habits is something that I can go on and on about, unfortunately there is no one in my personal life that I get to talk to about books/stories or authors with, so this forum will be my place to share.

I’ve been reading more fanfic than bought books lately, but I’ll try to visit old favorites, along with new loves. I’ll try to provide links while figuring out this whole WordPress thing.

So let’s see how this goes.


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