The beginning of reading

I really started reading due to a 3rd grade teacher.  She would read these award winning books out loud to the class then she would stop chapters before she read the ending.  She would then tell us if we wanted to know how the story ended we needed to get the book out of the library.  This was the beginning of my fascination with reading.  Because I had to know the stories ending.  To know if the characters did what they needed to do.  How their adventure ended.

I’ve been reading ever since.

It didn’t hurt at the time that we were moving a lot due to my dad being in the military.   Many of my friends had a parent in the military.   Making a friend and keeping them was difficult. Either we moved or they did. Until I was in high school the longest I lived in one place was 4 years.

My only steady friends was the ones I found in books.  I went on adventures with them, fell in love with them, explored different worlds, discovered different thoughts and ideas. So reading was both an escape and a way to find out about different lives and places.



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