Reading in fandom and elsewhere

I read all sorts of fandoms. I’ve gotten into fandoms due to a love of a TV show, love of a movie, love of a book.  Some I’ve gotten into due to a fandom I love having a crossover into another fandom. I do love crossovers with a passion.  Seeing the different worlds collide and blend can be a wonderful experience. I also love AU’s. Alternative Universes can be the absolute bomb.

Other fandoms I won’t get into because of their content or tropes that are consistently there that I do not care to read. (Incest, RPF, underage, cannibalism, rape.)

There are authors out there that no matter what they write I am there with bells on. I’ll read their stories a bazillion times and love it everytime I read it. Others I can only read one of the fandoms they write in. I try the others and it is like nope, this is not for me.

It is the same with authors that I buy. There are some authors that I will spend outrageous amounts of money to buy everything they have written and others I can only read this one series out of the 20 they have written.

Loving stories and characters can lead you down a really interesting road at times in fanon. With fanfic it can lead you to seeing that answer to the the “what if” question.  It can add a richness and a depth that canon in movies, TV shows or books do not get into. Sometimes fanon and canon can get so mixed in your head that what you believe and know is a whirlpool of both.  Trying to unpick the new belief system is extremely difficult and mostly impossible.

If a author incepts you into a new belief, couple, combination of things it can be very difficult to see the canon work again, because the entire time when you are reading something you keep thinking it should be this way instead.  Authors incepting you can be both bad and good.  Bad in that you can never see the canon again without having issues, missing the new information.  Good when it adds a richness or depth to the original work.



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