Archive of Our Own

Also known as AO3.

This is a website for people who love fanfiction and fandoms.  It is one of the better websites to read from due to people editing their work.  There are all sorts of fanfiction works here, they have stuff that is very popular like Harry Potter to very obscure works that maybe only a few love.

The stories can be gen, slash, het, multi-partner works.  There are warnings so if you get triggered by something you can filter the works so you don’t have to look at the story.

There are canon, non-canon, crossovers, Alternative Universes and many combinations of stories.  If you love fanfiction you can probably find something you’ll love.

There are finished works, works in progress and works that will never be finished due to whatever reason the author has.  This can also be filtered.  Play around, see what you can see.

They have imported archives that were being closed due to lack of upkeep,  the person keeping the site moving on, or other reasons.  So if you have a favorite fic you might find it here.

The only thing is this site does not discriminate on what is posted.  So if you have issues with triggers and anything that you can’t or will not read, it may be available here. So things like non-con, rape, underage, death, torture, slash, het are posted. Anything that is an issue for you personally could be on this site.   Filter and read the warnings, a lot of authors are really good at warning for what is in their fic. But be careful.

Read how to become a member on there front page of the website.  It allows you to read fics that are locked, post your own fiction, or post a comment.  Some authors will not accept anonymous comments.

This is a fun site to explore and read from.  New stuff is posted daily.  For authors and readers there are forums that they can use to interact with other authors or readers.

As a reader, don’t be a jerk towards an author.  This is a free site, people are posting stuff because they want to share.  They are not getting paid.  Please don’t criticize a author’s work.  If you don’t like it, hit the “x” button and get out.


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