Reader Entitlement

A reader is not entitled to tell a writer what to do, what to write about, to criticize or demand more.

A friend of mine had a professor in college that tore apart everything she wrote.  It wasn’t done in a constructive manner, it was done in a nasty, demeaning manner.  At the time she was writing original fiction.  After taking that class, she didn’t write again for over 10 years.  The professor totally destroyed her belief in herself and her work.  She is now a published author, but it took years and a lot of support to put her work forward again. I really wish she’d send that teacher a nasty gram with an accounting of everything she has published and been paid for, because of this one teacher said she wasn’t original or good enough to get stories published.

For authors that write fanfic,  they do it for free.  They are not getting paid for it.  Criticizing and destroying an author’s work is not kosher.  Demanding that a author write what you want makes you entitled.  Demanding more makes you an ass, as I said the author is not getting paid.  They have jobs, families, a life outside of writing.  Unless an author shares all their personal business with you, you know nothing about their lives.  Just don’t demand more.

Ok, off my soapbox.   Bottom line, if you don’t like someone’s story there is s big “x”there you can hit and leave.  If you love the story say so, everyone likes appreciation.  Just don’t qualify your praise.

An author has the right to pull their stories due whatever reason they want. Please don’t make authors pull their work due to your entitlement.



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